Who We Serve

Net Transcripts provides confidential transcription and translation services to hundreds of law enforcment, criminal justice and other government agencies across the country. We recognize how critical it is to have an accurate transcription that can be used during court and other legal proceedings.

Learn how our services are being adopted throughout the industries we serve to provide greater efficiencies and cost savings to agencies nationwide.

law enfrocementLaw Enforcement Agencies

We currently serve hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the country, from small town sheriffs to large, metropolitan public safety departments. Regardless of your needs, our service can be easily integrated with your current workflow.

Criminal Investigations

Net Transcripts specializes in the transcription of investigative recordings. Our highly skilled and experienced typists are trained to navigate the inherent challenges of such recordings, including:

  • Multiple/unidentified speakers
  • Audio quality issues (background noise, muffled audio, et cetera)
  • Uncooperative, distraught, or intoxicated participants
  • Gang/street slang and other common law enforcement terminology

Many agencies experience fluctuations in their caseload at any given time. The difficulty and expense of staffing for unanticipated events often leads to a transcription backlog, which can impede an agency in meeting court-mandated deadlines and increase stress for detectives, prosecutors, and clerical/administrative staff.

Outsourcing transcription to Net Transcripts can eliminate backlogs and free personnel for more important duties, saving a significant amount of time, money and resources. Our timely reliability also allows agencies to postpone transcription until it is needed, eliminating unnecessary expenses for cases that never make it to trial.

Internal Affairs & Professional Standards

Net Transcripts provides an ideal solution to the unique security concerns involved with Internal Affairs investigations. These recordings often contain sensitive information, and only a select few people are authorized to handle the documents and recordings associated with each case. Processing transcription outside of the department’s staff and geographical area can help agencies to:

  • Ensure confidentiality
  • Improve turnaround times
  • Reduce associated costs

Internal Affairs and Professional Standards Units across the country trust Net Transcripts to handle their transcription needs. Our user-friendly Online Order Center makes it easy for investigators to upload recordings and retrieve completed transcripts in a secure, encrypted environment, with unique login credentials designated for their eyes only.

Patrol Operations

The evolution of digital technologies has forever changed the way police departments create incident reports and share information. Dictating a narrative or summary of major incidents has proven to be one of the most efficient methods for patrol officers in the field. Net Transcripts can help to further increase productivity by transcribing virtually any type of audio recording, including files from:

  • Handheld digital recorders
  • Dial-in voice systems
  • In-car recording devices
  • Net Transcripts Mobile App

Our easy-to-use Online Order Center allows officers to submit orders from any location with internet access -- inside a patrol car, back at the station, or even from their smartphone. Records or other administrative staff can track the status of individual orders, and completed transcripts can be easily integrated with most records management systems.

Net Transcripts’ web-based solution can help agencies of any size to save money, keep officers in the field and free personnel from spending valuable hours typing lengthy patrol reports.

Jails & Correctional Facilities

Most modern facilities have the capability to monitor inmate phone conversations and visits for incriminating subject matter, but listening to hundreds of such recordings can take hours, if not days. Net Transcripts provides written transcripts in a digital format which can be easily reviewed and quickly searched for subjects of interest.

Net Transcripts can also transcribe recordings produced as a result of other criminal or administrative investigations that occur within correctional facilities.

criminal justiceCriminal Justice Agencies

Prosecutors, public defenders and private attorneys nationwide count on Net Transcripts to handle their transcription needs. Our accurate and reliable service is an invaluable resource for legal professionals on both sides of the courtroom.

Prosecuting Attorneys & Legal Investigations

Prosecutors tend to face the same transcription obstacles as many law enforcement agencies: timeliness and cost effectiveness. Transcription backlogs often impede attorneys in their ability to meet court-mandated deadlines, hindering the justice process and potentially leading to unfavorable judgments if legal transcripts aren't available as evidence.

The timely reliability of Net Transcripts' service also allows prosecutors to postpone transcription until it is more certain that a case will be prosecuted. This strategy reduces backlogs and saves money on unnecessary transcription for cases that settle or are dismissed before trial.

Public Defenders & Criminal Defense Attorneys

Public defenders and court-appointed counsel often have a limited staff or lack the resources to provide legal transcripts on a regular basis. Many of the attorneys who work on these cases volunteer their services outside of their full-time practice.

With our Web-based solution, attorneys and office staff can conveniently request legal transcripts from any computer with an Internet connection. Our Online Order Center makes it easy to track the progress of a request, and retrieving a completed transcript is as simple as the click of a mouse.

Judicial Hearings & Review Boards

Many hearings and judgments are reached outside of a court of law. Net Transcripts provides timely, accurate transcriptions of hearings, review boards, inquiry commissions, and other recorded meetings. Outsourcing a recording for transcription is an easy, cost-effective alternative to the inefficient and expensive process of hiring a live court reporter to attend such hearings.

government and private investigationsGovernment & Private Investigations

In addition to law enforcement and criminal justice agencies, we work with many government organizations that require transcripts for investigations and case work. Net Transcripts is an ideal solution for federal, state, and local government agencies as well as private investigation firms.

Fire & Arson Investigations

From dictated case notes produced during a crime scene walkthrough, to follow-up interviews with witnesses and suspects, Net Transcripts is experienced with the language, nuances and procedures involved in transcribing confidential recordings for fire and arson investigations.

Many agencies experience peak fire seasons during hot, dry summer months and don't have support staff immediately accessible throughout these active investigative periods. Net Transcripts is available when investigators need a reliable service they can trust at a moment’s notice.

Family Protective Services

Net Transcripts assists many health and social service agencies who conduct routine visits with abuse victims, foster care providers, counseling services, and other subjects.

Social workers and investigators can utilize our flexible service to dictate case reports and summaries immediately after a visit, submit a recording via one of our mobile solutions, and have their report completed and returned within 24 hours. We can also transcribe and translate recordings or statements spoken in a foreign language.

Human Resource Investigations

Human Resources departments are often responsible for managing hundreds (or even thousands) of employees, as well as background investigations for employment screening, sexual harassment cases, unemployment hearings and other administrative investigations.

Outsourcing with Net Transcripts completely removes any potential conflict of interest that may occur when processing this work internally, and our service is available on an as-needed basis with no subscription fees or minimum usage requirements.

Private Investigations

Private investigation firms conduct background investigations, personal tracking services, administrative investigations and more. Investigators can utilize transcripts of interviews, conversations and dictated notes in order to prepare and present a comprehensive report to the organization that engaged their services.

Net Transcripts specializes in the transcription of investigative recordings. Detectives and law enforcement professionals who retire and go into private investigations can continue to rely on our accurate, reliable service for all of their transcription needs.