Trade Associations

Net Transcripts supports many of the professional organizations and associations affiliated with those serving in the law enforcement and criminal justice communities across the United States. We encourage you to learn more about their causes and support their efforts.

Do you represent a Non-Profit Organization for law enforcement or criminal justice professionals that is not listed below? We would love to learn more about it! Please contact us and tell us more about the association you represent.


International Association of Chiefs of Police

The International Association of Chiefs of Police is the world's oldest and largest nonprofit membership organization of police executives, with over 20,000 members in over 89 different countries. IACP's leadership consists of the operating chief executives of international, federal, state and local agencies of all sizes.


International Homicide Investigators Association

The IHIA is the largest and fastest growing organization of homicide and death investigation professionals in the world and has representation from the United States as well as 16 other nations. The primary mission of the IHIA is to assist and support law enforcement agencies and death investigation professionals by providing leadership, training, resources, and expertise that will enhance their ability to solve cases.


International Law Enforcement Auditors Association

The mission of the International Law Enforcement Auditors Association (ILEAA) is to provide global leadership in increasing the knowledge, skills, abilities and professionalism of law enforcement agency auditors. It includes those auditors whose professional responsibilities include the oversight of issues related to the enforcement and administration of law, thereby contributing to the quality of law enforcement throughout the world.


National Association of Prosecutor Coordinators

The National Association of Prosecutor Coordinators (NAPC) is the only national professional association of prosecutor coordinators. It consists of 45 member states and meets at a minimum of twice a year to share and exchange ideas, information and trends that impact state prosecutors.


National District Attorneys Association

The National District Attorneys Association is the oldest and largest professional organization representing criminal prosecutors in the world. Its members come from the offices of District Attorneys, State's Attorneys, Attorneys General and county and city prosecutors with responsibility for prosecuting criminal violations in every State and territory of the United States.


National Internal Affairs Investigators Association

The purpose of the NIAIA is to develop and establish professional standards of performance and integrity for Internal Affairs investigators; to provide training to bring about professional growth and development... and to foster law enforcement cooperation and the exchange of information and experience among Internal Affairs investigators.

National Sheriff's Association

The National Sheriffs' Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising the level of professionalism among those in the criminal justice field. NSA provides programs for Sheriffs, their deputies, chiefs of police, and others in the field of criminal justice to perform their jobs in the best possible manner and to better serve the people of their cities, counties or jurisdictions.

Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police

The purpose of this Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police is to promote and enhance cooperation and coordination between the public and private entities and individuals in the interests of law enforcement.


Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys Advisory Council

The Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys' Advisory Council (APAAC) was created by the Arizona Legislature in 1977. Although APAAC provides a variety of services to prosecutors, the primary mission of APAAC is to coordinate and provide training and education to prosecutors throughout Arizona. APAAC currently serves over 819 full-time state, county and municipal prosecutors.


California District Attorneys Association

The California District Attorneys Association is over 2,500 members strong, operating with a full-time staff headquartered in Sacramento. CDAA serves as a source of continuing legal education and legislative advocacy for its membership and provides a forum for the exchange of information and innovation in the criminal justice field.


California District Attorney Investigators Association

The California District Attorney Investigators’ Association was formed to establish and maintain a closer relationship between investigators and investigative units of the District Attorney’s offices throughout California and the western United States. Our members include: District Attorney Investigators, peace officers, prosecutors, and other district attorney personnel involved in criminal and civil prosecution.


Colorado District Attorneys Council

The mission of the Colorado District Attorneys' Council (CDAC) is to promote, foster and encourage an effective administration of criminal justice in the state. CDAC provides centralized prosecution-related services to the District Attorneys of Colorado including training of personnel, legislative drafting and liaison, legal research, management assistance ... and other special programs.


Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association

The Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association (FPAA) is a nonprofit corporation whose members are the 20 elected State Attorneys and over 1900 Assistant State Attorneys created to serve the needs of prosecutors. The primary functions of the Association office are education through seminars, publications and technical support.


Oregon Homicide Investigators Association

The Oregon Homicide Investigator's Association (OHIA) was founded during a 2009 Southern Oregon Major Crimes Conference that was sponsored by several southern Oregon law enforcement agencies. The primary mission of the OHIA is to assist and support law enforcement agencies and death investigation professionals by providing leadership, training, resources, and expertise that will enhance their ability to solve cases.

Prosecuting Attorneys Council of Georgia

Established in 1975, the Prosecuting Attorneys' Council of Georgia provides a number of important services to the hundreds of elected and appointed prosecutors across the State of Georgia. The council consists of nine members, six district attorneys and three state court solicitors who establish policies that guide the day-to-day work of the Council staff.

Texas District & County Attorneys Association

The Texas District & County Attorneys Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving Texas prosecutors and their staffs, as well as attorneys in government representation. TDCAA serves the people who work in the district and county attorneys offices around the state.


Washington Homicide Investigators Association

The mission of the Washington Homicide Investigators Association (WHIA) is to provide investigative support, training and networking opportunities to homicide investigators and responders as well as prosecutors and other death investigation professionals throughout the State of Washington, and the Pacific Northwest.