Send Recordings

Net Transcripts provides several different ways for our customers to transfer audio files to us for transcription. We have developed these methods to provide convenient options through which agencies can securely outsource the transcription of both verbatim interviews/statements and dictated officer reports.

webWeb / Transcript Management Center

The Transcript Management Center is an online application designed to be easily deployed throughout an entire agency. Authorized users can request transcripts, transfer audio/video recordings, download completed documents, track status, view order history, control file access, and provide supporting documents all from within a secure platform.

  • Accessible from any desktop or mobile internet browser 24/7/365.
  • No software or subscriptions required.
  • Transcription requests can be submitted for multi-speaker recordings, dictations or foreign languages.
  • When submitting a request for transcription, users are prompted to provide additional details about the recording including case number, participant names, estimated recording length, turnaround time, and any notes beneficial to the transcription team.
  • Advanced encryption technology meets CJIS and FIPS Data Standards to facilitate the secure, encrypted transfer of electronic files.
  • Once an order has been placed it can be viewed/edited and the status can be tracked to ensure prompt delivery.

mobile appMobile App

The Net Transcripts app allows users to record and submit dictations and interviews for transcription from their mobile device. Single-speaker and multi-speaker recordings can be captured, saved, edited, and sent for transcription from virtually anywhere.

  • The smartphone app is free and can be downloaded for compatible Android or iOS devices from the Google Play store or Apple App Store.
  • Users can choose to record either a single-speaker dictation or an interview by toggling between options prior to recording.
  • Once a recording is completed and saved, the order can be reviewed using playback controls and edited. Audio can also be appended to single-speaker dictation recordings.
  • Transcripts submitted from the mobile app are available for download from the online Transcript Management Center.

dial inToll-Free Dictation Line

By calling a toll-free number, users can record a dictation from any phone and send a transcript request. The dial-in dictation line is an ideal solution for patrol officers, caseworkers and others who benefit from submitting single-speaker recordings directly from the field, rather than waiting to return to the office to request a transcript.

  • Audio of any duration can be recorded, saved, and reviewed using keypad controls within the dial-in dictation menu.
  • Recordings can be submitted for transcription as either standard or priority turnaround.
  • Dictation requests are processed and returned 24/7/365, and completed files are available to download from the Transcript Management Center.

mailMail-in Requests

Net Transcripts is capable of processing transcripts from analog and other media sources that "can't be uploaded" — cassette tapes, micro-cassette tapes, Audio CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, etc. However, such media must be physically transferred to Net Transcripts for processing. Given the sensitivity of most of the work that is sent to us, we recommend using a secure shipping service such as USPS Registered Mail, FedEx, UPS. Please note, you must have an account established with Net Transcripts before we will process any work that is shipped to us.

Let Us Do The Typing

All transcripts are typed by highly skilled, professional transcribers who are experienced in the language, nuances and procedures necessary to accurately transcribe recordings originating from law enforcement and criminal justice agencies.

Net Transcripts guarantees 98.8% error-free transcripts. We do not use voice recognition software, nor do we send work overseas. All work is performed in the United States by US citizens that have successfully cleared our screening, vetting and training processes.

Retrieve Transcripts

Users are notified via email when their transcripts are ready. Completed transcripts can be securely downloaded by the requesting user and authorized administrators. We prefer not to email transcribed documents as a matter of preserving file security and confidentiality.

Our standard practice is to prepare transcripts as a fully-editable Microsoft Word document. We can also provide certified copies as locked PDF documents. Completed transcripts remain available to download for 90 days, after which the recordings are purged and the transcript is archived.