Benefits of Outsourcing Transcription

Like many Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice agencies today, yours may be facing mounting requests for budget cuts, hiring freezes or even staff reductions. Our proven solution will save your agency a significant amount of budgetary dollars, time and personnel resources along with elimination of all late or backlogged transcription – all without any upfront investment or commitment of any kind.

Save Time, Improve Efficiencies

Your agency may have personnel who are either dedicated to transcription or handle this function along with other duties. You may even have sworn officers and investigators losing valuable time engaged in this activity. Our Transcription Solution allows your agency to quickly, easily and securely outsource its transcription needs without requiring any special equipment or software. Your staff can better utilize their time - following more leads, investigating more cases, and working more efficiently.

Non-Disruptive Transition

Our goal is not to eliminate current staff, but rather eliminate your need to hire additional staff or replace staff that have quit, retired or been reassigned. Many customers begin using our service to augment current staff operations before eventually using Net Transcripts for all of their transcription needs. This allows for a gradual and non-disruptive transition to experiencing the many advantages of working with Net Transcripts. Our Transcription Solution will help eliminate all transcription-related overtime and relieve staff for more productive responsibilities.

Calculating Costs

Surprisingly, few agencies realize how much transcription they process, or the true cost to do so. Hundreds of government agencies nationwide have proven that Net Transcripts has saved them up to 70% of the cost they would have otherwise spent typing transcripts in-house. This can represent tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings annually.

Not every agency handles transcription in the same manner. We work closely with agencies who are considering outsourcing transcription services to help them estimate costs and compare those with current expenditures. Our knowledgable Sales Representatives consult with clients and prospective clients to accurately projects costs and savings as they pertain uniquely to their agency or division.

Some important factors to consider are:

  • Who is currently transcribing -- dedicated transcribers, administrative staff or sworn officers?
  • What are they transcribing -- dictated reports or verbatim interviews?
  • What is their Direct Employment Cost (salary, hourly rate)?
  • What are their Indirect Employment Costs or Employment-Related Expenses (supervision, benefits, retirement contributions)?
  • Are they working overtime?
  • How quickly are they completing transcripts?
  • What are your current transcription demands and/or case load?

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