About Net Transcripts

In business since 1988, Net Transcripts has grown to be the leading provider of confidential transcription services to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice agencies nationwide. It is our goal to save your agency a significant amount of money, time and personnel resources by providing a gradual transition to outsourcing transcription that is non-disruptive to current staffing and office procedures.

Company Profile

Net Transcripts specializes in the transcription of single-speaker and multi-speaker recordings for:

  • Criminal Investigations
  • Internal Affairs Investigations
  • Witness Statements and Confessions
  • Detective and Patrol Report Narratives
  • Child and Adult Protective Services
  • 911 Calls and Dispatch Communications
  • Inmate Jail Calls and Visitation Recordings

All transcripts are processed by our highly skilled transcriptionists, production and quality control personnel. (We do not use voice recognition software to process your transcripts.) All transcripts are produced in the United States -- not offshore.

The safe transfer of your recordings to us for transcription and the return of your completed transcripts is accommodated via our proprietary and encrypted Web-based Order Center. You may also dictate your report narratives directly to us using our toll-free Dial-In Dictation Service or our proprietary mobile app.

Our service is fast, accurate and completely secure. It is also very cost efficient and as easy to use as the click of a mouse. Your office or department will save time, money and personnel resources. Net Transcripts has set the standard for quality, turnaround and affordability. No one processes more Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement transcription nationwide than Net Transcripts.