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Solutions for Law Enforcement

Whether you represent a small town Sheriff or large, metropolitan Public Safety Department, Net Transcripts can ease your transcription burden. We currently serve hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the country. The transcription work we process ranges from Criminal Investigations to Internal Affairs matters, Patrol Report narratives to recorded Inmate Phone Calls. Regardless of your needs, our service can be integrated with your current work flow.

Criminal Investigations

Net Transcripts specializes in the transcription of investigative recordings. These recordings tend to include multiple speakers and are often recorded in a variety of environments -- at the crime scene, in an interrogation room or as part of a covert operation, just to name a few.

Because of this, there are inherent difficulties associated with the transcription of such recordings, including uncooperative suspects, distraught witnesses, individuals who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, background noise, muffled audio, unidentified speakers, gang and street slang, and other terminology and nuances that are common to law enforcement. As such, all of our transcriptionists are highly skilled and experienced with producing these types of transcripts.

Investigative transcripts are the most commonly requested service provided by Net Transcripts. It is common for many agencies to experience fluctuations in the number of cases they are handling at any given time. This often results in a transcription backlog, since it is often difficult and expensive to staff accordingly for these unanticipated events. Transcription backlogs often impede agencies in their ability to meet court-mandated deadlines, which only adds undue stress for all parties involved -- clerical and administrative staff, detectives and prosecutors.

Other agencies may not be faced with an overwhelming backlog, but rely on detectives or limited support staff to type transcripts. Either way, outsourcing your transcription needs to Net Transcripts will free personnel for more important duties. It will also save your department a significant amount of time, money and resources.

The timely reliability of Net Transcripts' service allows detectives to postpone transcription until an agency is more certain that the case will be prosecuted. This 'delay strategy' not only reduces transcription requests that may be part of a transcription backlog, but eliminates the unnecessary transcription and related expense for cases that may never make it to trial.

Internal Affairs

Net Transcripts is an ideal solution to the unique security concerns involved with Internal Affairs investigations. The information contained within these recordings is often very sensitive and only a select few people are authorized to handle the documents and recordings associated with each case. Since confidentiality is a top priority, there are advantages to having the transcription processed outside of the department; and for that matter even outside of your city or state. Not only will outsourcing to Net Transcripts improve transcription turnaround times and free personnel of this tedious task, but will do so in a secure and confidential environment.

Internal Affairs and Professional Standards Units across the country trust Net Transcripts to handle their transcription in a safe, secure and professional manner. Our user-friendly Online Order Center is as easy to use as a click of the mouse. Detectives can easily transfer their own recordings to us through a secure account that is designated for their eyes only. Administrative staff could also handle this responsibility, as there is no need to open, view or listen to the recordings that are transferred to us.

Patrol Operations

The evolution of digital technologies has forever changed the way patrol officers create incident reports and share information. Today, squad cars are some of the most 'wired' vehicles on the road. Fully equipped with laptops, audio/video recording devices, wireless communications and more, agencies now have a variety of options available for handling patrol reports while on the scene, in their car, immediately following an incident.

It is common for patrol officers to dictate a narrative or summary of major incidents that transpire. Doing so has proven to be one of the safest and most efficient methods for officers in the field. Regardless of how they are recorded - via a hand-held digital recorder, a dial-in voice system, or in-car recording device - you can transfer your digital audio files to Net Transcripts for transcription. Having the capability to transfer dictated report narratives is one of the most effective tools for increasing Patrol Officer productivity.

Our easy-to-use Online Order Center makes managing the transcription process a breeze. Officers can submit orders directly from the field or back at the station. Records or other administrative staff can track the status of individual orders and completed transcripts can be integrated with most records management systems.

The benefits are hard to ignore. Integrating Net Transcripts' Web-based solution with your current patrol reporting process will help keep officers in the field and free internal staff since they won't have to spend hours typing patrol reports.

Jails & Correctional Facilities

Net Transcripts works closely with many law enforcement agencies that monitor inmate phone conversations for incriminating subject matter. Listening to and reviewing hundreds of phone calls can take hours, if not days, whereas written transcripts of these conversations can easily be reviewed or searched for subjects of interest. In addition to transcribing inmate phone calls, Net Transcripts can also transcribe recordings that are taken as a result of other criminal or administrative investigations that occur within correctional facilities.