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Solutions for Other Government Organizations

In addition to providing confidential transcription and translation services to law enforcement and criminal justice agencies, Net Transcripts also works with other government organizations that require transcripts as part of their investigations and case work. These organizations include Fire and Arson Investigations, Child and Family Protective Services, and Human Resource and Background Investigations, just to name a few.

Fire & Arson Investigations

Fire and Arson Investigators across the country trust Net Transcripts to accurately and reliable transcribe their investigative recordings. From dictating case notes during a crime scene walk through, to follow-up interviews with witnesses and suspects, Net Transcripts is experienced with the language, nuances and procedures involved with transcribing confidential recordings for fire and arson investigators.

Our service is an ideal solution for many agencies that experience peak fire seasons during hot, dry summer months and don't have support staff immediately available during these active investigative periods. Net Transcripts is available when they need a reliable service they can trust at a moments notice to assist with their investigations.

Family Protective Services

In addition to child and family investigations conducted by law enforcement, Net Transcripts assists many Health and Social Service agencies who are tasked with conducting routine follow-up visits with abuse victims, foster-care providers, counseling services, and other subjects. Oftentimes, these visits are conducted on scene, so a mobile solution is critical to supporting investigators who need to spend time in the field, and not at a computer.

Net Transcripts provides several flexible solutions that can be deployed in the field to assist social workers and remote investigations. Social workers can dictate case reports and summaries immediately after a follow-up visit, can submit their report via one of our mobile solutions, and will have their report completed and returned within 24-hours. Additionally, we can translate recordings or statements spoken in a foreign language, and can transcribe other recordings social workers might encounter during the course of their investigations.

Human Resource Investigations

It has been our experience that investigations conducted by Human Resources might be rare, but are typically critical when they do occur. Human Resource investigations can include background investigations for employment screening, sexual harassment cases, unemployment hearings and other administrative investigations.

Many municipalities and other private corporations have large Human Resource Departments that are responsible for managing hundreds to thousands of employees. Net Transcripts is ideal solution to assist with these investigations, as we are available on an as-needed basis and completely remove any potential conflict of interest by having this work processed internally.

Private Investigations

It is common for many detectives to retire and launch their own private investigation firms. Many of these firms conduct background investigations, administrative investigations, arson investigations, personal tracking services and other types of investigative activities. Receiving typed transcripts of their interviews, conversations and dictated notes is very helpful to many private investigators who need to prepare and present a comprehensive report to the organization that engaged their services. Net Transcripts is an ideal solution for such firms, as we have no contractual requirements and our services are available on an as-needed basis.