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Solutions for Criminal Justice

Accurate transcripts are essential to a conviction. Criminal Justice and Legal agencies across the country rely on Net Transcripts to handle their transcription needs. We serve City and County Prosecutors, US Attorney's Offices, Public Defenders and Private Council. It doesn't matter which side of the courtroom you'll be sitting on -- there will always be the critical demand for accurate and reliable verbatim transcripts for legal purposes.

Prosecuting Attorneys & Legal Investigations

Prosecutor's Offices tend to face the same transcription obstacles as many law enforcement agencies: timeliness and cost effectiveness. Transcription backlogs often impede agencies in their ability to meet court-mandated deadlines. Not only does this hinder the justice process, but could potentially lead to unfavorable judgments if legal transcripts aren't available as evidence.

The timely reliability of Net Transcripts' service also allows prosecutors to postpone transcription until they are more certain that the case will be prosecuted. This 'delay strategy' not only reduces transcription requests that may be backed up in a transcription backlog, but will save money as cases that settle or are dismissed before trial won't be unnecessarily transcribed.

Public Defenders & Criminal Defense Attorneys

The Offices of Public Defenders and Court-Appointed Counsel typically have a limited staff or lack the resources necessary to provide legal transcripts on a regular basis. Many of the attorneys who work on these cases volunteer their time and have a full-time practice they are responsible for as well.

Our Web-based service is an ideal solution for many of these offices. Attorneys and office staff can conveniently request legal transcripts from any computer with an Internet connection. Our Online Order Center makes it easy to track when a transcript will be completed. It also makes retrieving a completed transcript as simple as the click of a mouse.

Outsourcing transcription to the professionals at Net Transcripts will take the pressure off attorneys and their support staff, freeing them for more important tasks.

Judicial Hearings & Review Boards

There are many hearings and judgments reached outside of a court of law. Net Transcripts works with many government agencies who rely on timely, accurate transcripts of hearings, review boards, inquiry commissions, and other recorded meetings. Hiring a live court reporter to attend and transcribe such hearings can become costly and inefficient compared to the ease of outsourcing a recording of the session to be transcribed.