Single-Speaker Transcription Services

It is our goal to support and empower officers with a service that helps them focus on the most important part of their job - catching the bad guys. Dictating reports is a simple solution to more effectively utilize an officer's time, creating added-value to your agency as a result.

Guaranteed Turnaround Within 24 Hours

Net Transcripts returns all dictated reports within 24-hours or less, 24/7/365. We also provide faster turnarounds to accomodate priority reports and booking requirements.

Report Format

Dictated reports are returned as fully-editable Microsoft Word documents. We can also prepare reports using your agency's current report template(s) to preserve internal reporting continuity.

Speak naturally - our transcribers are people too. Unlike voice recognition software, which can be unforgiving if you misspeak or don't ennunciate clearly, our typists have been trained to follow dictated instructions and corrections.

Contact a representative and request a sample to see what our standard report format looks like.

Submission Methods

Net Transcripts provides several different ways for our customers to transfer single-speaker recordings to us:

To learn more about the submission methods we have available, see How It Works.

Accepted File Types

Net Transcripts accepts a wide variety of dictated audio recording formats, including:

  • Digital Audio Files (.wav, .wma, .mp3)
  • Oympus, Sony and Philips Files (.dss, .ds2, .dvf, .msv)
  • Apple iPhone Files (.m4a)
  • Winscribe, Fusion, and Dictaphone Files
  • Standard Cassette and Micro-Cassette Tapes