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How It Works

Net Transcripts provides several different ways for our customers to transfer audio files to us for transcribing. We've developed these methods to provide flexible options to enable agencies to securely outsource the transcription of both verbatim interviews/statements and dictated officer reports. We offer each method as described below so that our customers can conveniently and cost-effectively outsource their transcription.

Web-based Order Center

Our Web-based Order Center was specifically developed to facilitate the secure, encrypted transfer of digital audio recordings to us for processing and the return transfer of completed transcribed documents within a secure communications and operation environment. It also provides the ability to search through past and pending order requests and offers a centralized solution to managing transcription requests.

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

Net Transcripts maintains the ability to receive files through an SFTP connection. SFTP transfers are occasionally utilized to handle special projects and especially large or proprietary file types that cannot be easily submitted through our Web-based Order Center. Due to the encrypted nature of SFTP file transfers, access permissions must be established between Net Transcripts and our customers before file transfers can occur.

Mail-in Requests

Net Transcripts is capable of processing transcripts from analog and other media sources that "can't be uploaded" -- cassette tapes, micro-cassette tapes, Audio CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, etc. However, such media must be physically transferred to Net Transcripts for processing. Given the sensitivity of most of the work that is sent to us, we recommend using a secure shipping service such as USPS Registered Mail, FedEx, UPS. Please note, you must have an account established with Net Transcripts before we will process any work that is shipped to us.